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Rebooting Process


If you are experiencing an issue with your Internet service, please always try rebooting your equipment first.  This reboot fixes 80% of all issues, so it's always a good place to start and what we will always walk you through first when calling into the office.


Step 1

Locate and unplug the power adapter for our equipment.  You may have an antenna, cable modem or DSL modem, depending on the type of service you have but all of these service have a power supply.


Step 2

Locate and unplug the power adapter for your wireless router.


Step 3

Leave both pieces of equipment unplugged for 30 seconds.


Step 4

Plug the power adapter for our equipment back in.


Step 5

Wait another 30 seconds.


Step 6

Plug the power adapter in for your wireless router.


Step 7

Wait about 1 minute and then try to get online with your device.


Step 8

If you are still unable to get online, you will want to try rebooting the device (computer, tablet, iPad, phone, etc.) you're trying to get online with.


Step 9

If you're still experiencing an issue after the reboot, feel free to contact us by phone, or by e-mail.

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