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Greenville Cable Internet Coverage Area

Our service is now available at the following locations:

Beech St.

Brook St.

Cemetary St.

Chieftan Heights Apartments

Cottage St.

Craft St.

Dean Park

Depot St.

Doan St.

Dominion St.

Dorr St.

Eveleth Hill

Green St.

High St.

Hofbauer Rd.

Hyland Apartments

Lakeview St.

Lawrence Ave.

Lewis Rd.

Lily Bay Rd. (to #185)


Lower Lincoln St.

Mayhew Manor (to #58)

Moosehead Lake Rd. (to the railroad tracks)

Murray St.

Norris St.

North Birch St. (to #92)

North Maple St.

North Wiggin St.

Oliver Rd.

Pine St.

Pleasant St. (to #82)

Pritham Ave.

Pritham Park Apartments

School St.

South Birch St.

South Maple St. (to #45)

South Wiggin St.

Upper Lincoln St.

Washington St. (to #42)

Wells St.


DISCLAIMER: Coverage maps only approximate coverage areas and do not guarantee service availability. Several factors and conditions may interfere with availability within a coverage area including line-of-sight, distance to transceiver, signal strength, equipment limitations, obstructions, and other conditions.

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